Friday, December 30, 2016

5 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Vintage Enthusiasts

vintage office accessories
Some gifts just never go out of style. For vintage lovers, even more unconventional pieces can make amazing gifts this holiday season. If you have an old-school soul on your shopping list this year and are at a total loss, consider some of these fun and unique vintage gift ideas:
  1. Record Player
    Vinyl is back in a big way. Many music lovers are returning to the sounds of yesteryear and purchasing record players and portable turntables. Some people swear that vinyl sounds better than today's digital music, so why not give the gift of music this holiday season? A record player can help any room feel a bit more refined and give off a retro vibe. Who knows, you may spark the recipient to start a vinyl collection as well.
  2. Vintage Office Accessories
    There's no better way to throw it back to the 1960s "Mad Men" era than vintage office accessories like specialty pens, custom logo embossers, and personal library stamps. While we don't receive them regularly, letters are still in circulation. In fact, 141 billion letters were mailed in 2014 alone. With these vintage desk accessories, maybe you'll find yourself getting a handwritten thank you note this year.
  3. A Pair of Mary Janes
    Whether heeled or flat, Mary Janes are very retro, but still super stylish and classic. Paired with a skater skirt or a dress, these shoes are sure to make a statement and reel in a few compliments.
  4. A Polaroid Camera
    While most of us are using our phones to capture photos these days, and there are filters that make these photos look like a Polaroid, there's something special about being able to hold a tangible photo instantly. If you can get your hands on an old Polaroid camera and film, you're sure to make any retro-enthusiast's day. You'll have a blast taking photos and making memories throughout your holiday celebration. Plus, you can find modern versions of these classic Polaroid cameras, one of the hottest Christmas gifts of 2016.
  5. Jewelry and Accessories
    Specialty boutiques carry vintage-inspired accessories like collar clips, berets, pendants, and more. Talk to a shop that exclusively carries these types of items and don't be afraid to ask for a recommendation. You never know what you might find if you just ask!
At Nostalgic Impressions, we carry a wide variety of vintage office accessories ranging from feather quill pens to custom embossers. Why not help someone give their office a retro flair this holiday season? Check out our online store today!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Have Yourself a Merry Christmas Party With These 6 Tips

`Tis the season for family, fun, and holiday cheer to fill the air. If you're planning to host a Christmas celebration this year, then you certainly want to keep the mood merry and bright. To plan the most welcoming Christmas party ever, follow these six tips.
  1. Plan a seasonal spread. The holidays give many people the excuse to indulge before their New Year's resolutions begin. Don't be afraid to cook a special meal with all the trimmings. Turkey or duck are usually good choices for large groups of people. Snacks are also very important, especially if alcohol is served. A cheese plate with a number of favorites like extra sharp cheddar and brie is a great idea and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. If you're up to the challenge, prepare some seasonal cocktails or pair wine with your dinner selections.
  2. Decorate, decorate, then decorate some more. This is your chance to turn your home or apartment into a winter wonderland. Don't skimp out on lights, tablecloths, and a well-lit tree. Break out your best dinnerware to display your festive spread and make your guests feel especially welcomed.
  3. Plan activities. While it's almost sure that your guests will enjoy food, drink, and conversation, it wouldn't hurt to plan some party games or activities. A secret Santa or other gift exchange is seasonal and appropriate as long as you have a spending limit.
  4. Play a game of holiday-themed pictionary or charades. Don't forget to have your camera on hand. You'll be sure to want to save these moments as memories for years to come.
  5. Keep the Scrooges off the guest list. There is no need for them at your party. Don't feel bad about excluding friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors if you know that they will sour the mood. You want the party to be exclaiming with cheer. There is no room for "bah humbugs."
  6. Write vintage invitations. Use scroll invitation paper instead of sending everyone a Facebook message. Scroll invitation paper is much more personal. If you handwrite the invitation using a feather quill pen, your invitation will seem even more authentic.
Better yet, seal the envelope shut with sealing wax sticks and a custom wax seal. Light the stick and hold it at a 45 degree angle to allow the wax to drip before sealing. At Nostalgic Impressions, we have a number of festive seals and vintage writing materials to make your holiday invitations stand out from the rest.