Thursday, January 5, 2017

4 Simple Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

With the holiday season looming before us, 'tis the season for gift shopping. While the Harry Potter series has ended, the craze still continues among hardcore Harry Potter fans. With a new film that takes place in the American wizarding world 70 years before Harry's time, as well as a play that hit British theatres this past summer, the world J.K. Rowling created is very much alive and well.

Need Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans?
It's likely that you're struggling to find a gift for the person who has everything Harry Potter-related already. If they have every book, the film adaptations, and perhaps even a wand, you may feel out of gift ideas. Not to worry, though. There are much simpler gifts to give that will make your favorite Harry Potter fan feel like a student at Hogwarts.

A  Wax Seal Stamp with Sealing Wax.
Licking envelopes closed is for Muggles. Gift a set of sealing wax sticks and a  wax seal stamp so the recipient can write to their friends as they patiently await their Hogwarts acceptance letter.
You can even customize a stamp with chosen symbol as well as a name or Initials..

A feather quill pen
Surprisingly, a 2012 study found that only one in three survey respondents were required to produce writing by hand within the past year and a half. In Hogwarts, however, there were no computers or typewriters -- those Muggle creations don't work around magic. Allow them to practice their handwriting skills with a quill pen and ink.

Scroll paper
Scroll paper, or parchment, is the proper material to write on using a quill, and it's the only way to send a letter by owl. This type of paper does not bleed through as easily and has a more coarse feel than that of notebook or printer paper.

A feather pen set
Go all out and gift your favorite Potterhead a box set that includes everything above and more! Even though Harry Potter took place in the 1990s, the wizarding world enjoyed a more vintage lifestyle.

Even for people who are not fans of the series, a feather pen set is a great gift for an aspiring calligrapher. Armed with a quill, ink, parchment, and seals, the recipient is ready to write the most beautiful handwritten letters.

While it's no invisibility cloak, a feather pen set from Nostalgic Impressions is sure to please any true Potter fan.

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