Thursday, May 2, 2019

Stamping Soaps with an Inverted Branding Stamp

Stamping Soaps with an Inverted Soap Stamp

Stamping soap is a great way to brand handmade soaps with your logo or artwork.This can be accomplished by using one of our branding soap  stamps. The soap stamp is inverted and has extra depth. This will help the design cut into the soap and form the impression. For soaps it's best to keep your art simple and thick. Fine lines and high detail artwork is not recommended.

You can stamp your soaps right after cutting them, but only if has a water discount or lots of soft oils. If it doesn't, we recommend waiting 8 to 12 hours. For castile, please wait a couple days after unmolding.

To add your impression, start by laying out a grid of the soaps so you can stamp each bar in a quick succession.

Center the soap stamp on the soap. Apply even hard pressure on to the soap stamp. If the impression isn't crisp, don't worry. You can fix it and start over. Immediately stop stamping. Use a firm toothbrush and warm water to scrub and smooth off the impression Make sure to scrub off the soap from your stamp as well! The toothbrush bristles can get in all the little crevices.

Trouble with the soap lifting with your  soap stamp? Place a piece of plastic wrap in between the stamp and soap to prevent sticking. Or try waiting longer before cutting into the stamp.

Every soap formula is different and unique. The ideal time frame for stamping varies from formula to formula. It's definitely a factor of of trial and error but the result will absolutely be worth it. 

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